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What is important to us

the values, the choices

The Trees

Our trees are in southern Italy, in Puglia, in the municipality of Minervino Murge (BT), at the gates of the Alta Murgia National Park, do you want to see them right now?

Locate them on Google street view but even better, come and visit us at the farm!

Our 10.000 olive trees cover about 27 hectares, have an average age of 60-70 years and sink their roots into a tufaceous soil. Coratina is our main variety of olives, but a part of our trees belongs to the Ogliarola Bari variety. In recent years we have planted a new olive grove with Leccino variety olives.

Our 6.400 almond trees cover about 16 hectares, and they have an average age of 6 years. The varieties of our almonds are typical of Puglia: the Filippo Cea and the Genco.

Organic Agriculture

For over 20 years our company has been certified as Organic Farm.

Organic farming maintains and respects biodiversity, or the variety of living beings on our planet, from very small beings to plants, animals and ecosystems, all linked to one another and indispensable. In fact, the use of synthetic chemical pesticides, typical of non-organic crops, determines the disappearance of useful insects and soil impoverishment.


I accepted the challenge of organic farming when only a few people knew how to do it, because I believe in its positive impact on the environment and I would like our planet's natural resources to be sufficient even for our children and grandchildren. In addition, cultivating without the use of synthetic chemicals avoids the contact of us farmers with substances that are harmful to our health.

Michele Lobascio


Our extra virgin olive oil and almonds come from the trees that we tend to directly, and we follow every stage of production, from the work of the land to processing in the production plants. We carry out a careful selection of both the olives to be milled in the mill and the almonds to be packaged.

Since the birth of the TERRADIVA brand, our “Allegro” extra virgin olive oil has received various awards at the BIOL International Award and from the German magazine Der Feinschmecker.

Our activity shows balance between the work of man and the madness of nature, but perhaps, in the end, man is crazier than Nature, eheh ...

Vincenzo Lobascio

Care for the Land

Our idea is to take care of this part of Puglia that is still hidden, making it feel like a kind of Diva, giving it back the beauty, respect and dignity it deserves, enriching it with the non-abandonment of the territory, the wisdom of the old generations and the competence of the new ones.

... don't worry, it will not be snobbish - it will be a green Diva

Angela Lobascio

Relationship with the customer

We communicate with customers explaining the work behind our products in the fields and in their transformation, respecting environmental sustainability and process transparency.

We want to convey to our customers the passion we have for Terradiva: to learn more about man's hand on nature, learn new things about the food we eat and its effects on health

Katharina Pönisch



    Bring the beauty and the goodness of the “Made in Southern Italy” to your table.

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