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Here’s everything you can find in 1 liter of our extra virgin olive oil

We know that consumers can have many doubts about extra virgin olive oil, so let’s try to clear things up, with numbers!

6 kg of olives from our olive groves, that are exactly here

7 minutes to collect 6 kg of olives from the tree

20 minutes for the pruning of an olive tree, which allows the younger branches to have more light and nourishment

15 minutes total, to mow (usually 4 times a year) the spontaneous grass that grows under the tree

7 minutes to cut the shoots at the base of an olive tree, or small olive branches that would otherwise take away nourishment from the tree

10 minutes in a year to treat an olive tree with substances allowed by organic farming (copper, sulfur, bacillus, rock dust), to strenghten its defense against bacteria, fungi, viruses and insects.

3 minutes to add manure, compost and other substances allowed by organic farming to the earth around an olive tree, so that the tree is well fed

within 12 hours of harvesting the olives are processed in the mill

below 27 degrees celsius is the temperature at which in the mill we extract the oil from the olives (technically cold extraction through mechanical processes)

0,17 – 0,20 is the acidity of our olive oil (in optimal years), considerably lower than the maximum allowed by the Italian law (0.8) for classification as an extra virgin olive oil.

over 800mg/kg of polyphenols contained in Coratina olives, polyphenols are substances that are good for our health

Do you know that…

in December 2018 in the United States extra virgin olive oil was promoted to “medecine” by the Food and Drug Administration?

Let’s drink to our Health!

Because extra virgin olive oil is so good

Bitterness and spicyness are positive attributes of an oil because they are the sensory manifestation of its content of polyphenols, substances with antioxidant properties. It has been shown that the Coratina olive variety, from which our oil is obtained, is one of the varieties with the highest polyphenol content!

Thanks to polyphenols, vitamin E and the high content of oleic acid, the intake of extra virgin olive oil can:

protect our arteries by reducing “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and leaving “good” cholesterol (HDL) unchanged

reduce the aging of our cells

help prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease, such as stroke and heart attack

have beneficial effects on the liver and reduce the risk of ulcers

For newborns: extra virgin olive oil is recommended among the basic ingredients of the children’s weaning phase, to be used raw for the first baby food, vegetable purée and soups.

Do you know that…

many researchers and scientists have studied and verified the beneficial effects of extra virgin olive oil on our health?

Learn More:

The New England Journal of Medicine, scientific article in English
European Food Safety Authority, scientific article in English


You can choose between four different types of olive oil, rich in polyphenols, with a delicate, intense or flavored flavor.

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