CERAMIC OIL JUG – Pumo Pugliese


size: 250 ml

available in the two lines of organic extra virgin olive oil: Allegro (intense) or Andante (delicate)


The Terradiva extra virgin olive oil from certified organic farming comes in a handcrafted oil bottle in the shape of a Pumo, a typical artisan product by Apulian potters.
Thus the oil jug, an ever-present item in Italian kitchens and on Italian tables, also becomes a furnishing accessory and lucky charm.

The ceramic Pumo represents a flower bud whose leaves are about to open, it is a symbol of prosperity and fecundity, and it often appears as decoration in the noble palaces of Puglia.

The word derives from the Latin “pomum”, which means fruit, while also being connected to the cult of the Goddess Pomona, the Lady who collects fruits, including those of the olive tree.

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Allegro organic oil (intense), Andante organic oil (delicate)


green, yellow, grey